This summer 2016 ; I jumped on in a plane and wonder out to the south of Mexico to the wonderful Paradise of La Riviera Maya exactly in Cancún. Once I hoped out the airplane I was welcomed by a humid heat of 100 fahrenheit at 1:00 am basically that explains it all the whole day and night was extremely hot just ready for the ocean. It is truly a magical place to visit.

My first full day in Cancún I wonder of on a tour to excaret, it is a shame to say I don’t have any pictures because the people there were very strict about cameras but I swam with Dolphins which are the main reason why I’m studying Marine Biology. I do tell you, in a way I feel ashamed for being part of the cause that those poor inoffensive animals are captured. I promised myself the only way I would interact with them is only in the wild.

Well I spend the whole day at Excaret and I still didn’t get enough times to truly wonder of but I would make a complete post on Excaret to share more photos and what to do to enjoy as much as you can without missing anything!!

For the mean time here are some photos of my first morning in PARADISE.





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